Big Boobs V’s Small Boobs Part 1 – Bring it on! 0

I went away for a girl’s hen night weekend a few weeks ago and I was discussing the merits of my smaller boobs since having children. The girls were not quite convinced and said they loved my bigger boobs, but having been both full busted and now should we stay cough ahem petit (actually strained teabags but that’s what bra’s are for hey?) I can definitely see the advantages and disadvantages to both sides of the fence. So I decided to put it to twitter and these were the responses. This week we are going to look at the advantages and disadvantages of the bigger breasted lady!

Advantages of Big boobs (Taken from things people said on twitter!)

@_Johnsonbabies  I never had to wonder what ‘chicken fillets’ were? – True, you never have to worry about extra padding or volume with an ample bosom!

@mummyandmonkey They look fantastic in certain tops and clothes fit better – I agree, in the days when my boobs were bigger, they looked fab in cross over and square cut tops as the cleavage was shown off to its best advantage! Some people however with big boobs actually find themselves to be out of proportion.

Can wear dresses that are low cut – Plunging necklines don’t really work unless your boobs are fake as there is little natural uplift and actually it can look a bit too much in your face!

@innocentcharmer Feel attractive womanlier – I can understand this viewpoint. Curves in the right places can make you feel grand!

Clothes fit better – Not always but you certainly can fill clothes out better on the top half. Some people with big boobs actually find themselves to be out of proportion!

Body looks more in proportion – only if your boobs evenly match your hips!

@MummyLion Attracts the boys – Yes they do! I no interest in me at school until my boobs grew overnight (so much so, people rumoured I had had a boob job at 16! Yeah, right!) And Valentine’s that year was quite busy!

@Needaphone Get to front of line in pubs – It is easier to get served. They are noticed more!

@MummyLion could work as a stripper or a Topless model! – He he, Yes, work is available but I fear in my case you have to have the face to go with it!


Big boobs v's small boobs!

Big boobs have great advantages!

Disadvantages of big boobs

@ChelleYve Backache – Lots of you mentioned this. Interesting @GlasgowOsteo  tweeted who is Osteopath and he said that big breasted woman can suffer from back pain and neck paina and get erosion of the collar bone due to straps over time, which is why and I highlight strongly you MUST get a proper fitting bra and be measured regularly.

@MSEDollyp Can’t wear strappy tops as bra straps at too wide – this used to be my biggest bug bear when I had bigger boobs, as you do need scaffolding support that the straps are very wide and look ridiculous under thin strappy tops

@KoolmamiRetail People tend to talk to them! – Yes my face is here! I conquer; I get much better conversation these day, from both males and females. They were a distraction; I don’t always think it was pervy!

@MultipleMummy Lots of scaffolding required for support – Underwired, thick straps and a wide back clasp. These are essential for a good fitting bra though.

@MSEDollyp Cannot go bra less!  - Actually with big boobs it is uncomfortable to be braless!

@Chealseamamma Bras hard to find and more expensive – Not on Freya they are not, and just remember you pay for what you get. Cheaper bra’s may not always be made for the most accurate fit.

@BlueBearWood Exercise hurts – Again you need proper sports wear bra’s and Freya’s active range is brilliant for this!

@MSEDollyp Cannot roll over in bed.

So these are the collection of thoughts put together by people across the twitterosphere, but what are your thoughts? Let me know if you agree or have any other points to add. Feel free to stop by twitter and say hello! Next week we will look at small boobs!


Multiple Mummy