10 reasons to stay in loungewear during Winter 0


freya ingrid loungewear

So winter is still here, and hibernation isn’t over yet by any means. Are you feeling warm and snuggly, or fed up of the cold?  I have been spending a lot of time in my gift from Freya since it arrived at Christmas. I won’t tell you how much time exactly, but I do work from home so you get the idea… My Ingrid Loungewear set has seen me through a few evenings by the fire watching films, whole Sundays lounging (as much as is possible with young toddlers!) Christmas week and now into the prolonged Winter blues.

So, this Winter I suggest you snuggle up and do what loungewear is made for – lounging!

Here are my top 10 reasons to stay in loungewear until Spring has sprung…

1. It gets light very late so mornings are officially slow on winter weekends – stay reading your book, papers, chilling out with some music and make it comfy.

2. It also gets dark very early. See? No point getting dressed.

3. A roaring fire almost begs you to sit by it with a glass of wine and hot chocolate in your hooded robe, cami top and pants.

4. The party season took a lot of effort and time in getting glammed up to go out. Now re-dress the balance with some chill time!

5. Being super comfy makes you super chilled. Just add fluffy socks and heaven is at home.

6. It’s really cold outside. I am all for walks on bright, cold, wintry days but those miserable rainy ones? Stay in. Lounge.

7. The wonders of Skype and Facetime mean long distance friends and relatives need not ever know you are lazing around when you catch up with them over the holidays. Add a slick of lipstick and some mascara if you want to keep up appearances, but lounge all the way otherwise.

8. You may have overeaten at Christmas. Disguise that extra festive bulge in some lovely, comfy loungewear.

9. Loungewear can look a lot like yoga wear, so friends popping by will just think you are off to a class or throwing some poses on the quiet at home.Honestly.

10. Just because. And that can be enough sometimes.Why not?

Enjoy your lounging, Freya fans. Save me a spot by the fire.


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