Flocking around the Christmas tree: Ingrid Loungewear review 0

At this time of year you tend to hear a lot about what people intend to wear for their Christmas Eve night out/Christmas party/New Year’s Eve bash – but what about what you’re going to snuggle into on Christmas Eve to watch The Snowman? What you’re going to wake up in and run down to get (ahem, give) your presents and eat the biggest roast dinner of the whole year? It’s a tough job but one that was thankfully answered for me earlier this month in the form of a soft-as-kitten’s breath mini dressing gown and a pyjama set adorned with an entire flock of pretty pets. That’s right, it could only be the Ingrid Freya Lounge set.

I’ve blogged about my lust-affair with the Ingrid print on multiple occasions on my own blog, and I thank my lucky (Christmas) stars that the (Christmas) angels at Freya sent me a set to celebrate the festive season. I thought all my Christmases had come at once when I saw those beautiful birdies and lilac pop of colour, gasped as I felt the stunning purple hooded gown, all in the perfect size.

I really enjoyed the fit of the size 10 trousers – a fairly generous size 10 – the size S robe and the XS D-G top – all a spot-on fit. The trousers of the Freya Lounge range seems to correlate well to the Freya knickers – I wear an S in those also. I’m so pleased I was sent an XS top as I would naturally have gone for the S and the fitted nature of the top would have left me with that not-so-flattering ‘oversized’ look that would have taken away from the Ingrid Lounge set’s ‘I could definitely wear this down to the supermarket and not look too crazy’ kind of thing going on. It’s a pair of pyjamas yes, but the cut and the design is something that makes you feel extra special and I think it would be a shame to keep it ‘cooped up’ indoors – or maybe that’s just me? The support is as such that I personally wouldn’t pop to the shops wearing this with no bra, however the double layered hidden support does a great job for milling about the house, baking gingerbread houses and opening presents (I still definitely grab and rub down the stairs) but those who find the weight of their boobs uncomfortable whilst sleeping will find a bit of light relief.

I wore the Ingrid whilst putting up my Christmas tree, and even though it’s an all-year-round print, I still felt super-festive in my fully matching PJ set, a HUGE cup of hot chocolate, tins of chocolate, THAT Christmas CD and a huge plastic tree in tow. I’ve worn the Ingrid throughout December pretty much non stop (boo hiss to waiting for things to dry after washing them!) and I’m keen to expand my Freya Lounge collection ASAP. Dear Santa: I’ve been a very good girl this year…

Now there’s only one thing left to ask myself on Christmas morning: one chocolate or two?