Christmas Pyjamas 0

If like me, after far too much Christmas dinner, copious amounts of alcohol, mince pie and chocolates that posh dress I wore especially for the big day starts to get a touch on the cosy side… This therefore means as well as my new Christmas dress purchase, I also treat myself to a nice new pair of pyjamas, perfect for snuggling up with a loved one.

This year I invested in Freya Sadie and have so far successfully resisted wearing before Father Christmas has visited.
The fabric is very soft and slouchy, yet as is to be expected with Freya, complete with the essential support.

I adore the pretty winter floral colourway and am very impressed with the attention to detail present on the garments. The tie on the Sadie robe for example has a scalloped edge detail, something I hadn’t seen before in other dressing gowns.
I am really looking forward to Christmas night, tucked up on the sofa next to the fiancée in my Freya Sadie.