Your Essential Bra Wardrobe 0

It is always exciting to study new pretty and sexy bras and see the ranges and styles change as they fit in to the latest trends and fashions. As you know I have already seen a preview of the spring summer 2012 collection which is stunning and you will be getting such a treat, but if we strip back the designs and the fillies what bra’s essentially should you have in your knickers drawer?

Here are my top choices for the essential bra range!


A bra for those occasions when you just need a bit of added uplift or you want to feel sexy. A bra that allows a little bit of sex appeals works wonders! I suggest the….

Your essential bra wardrobe

I recommend the Tutti Fruiti Plunge



This is an underwired bra that has a half-cup and pushes the boobs up to give a nice top of cleavage but not together like a plunge bra! This makes it a really fitting bra for square and scoop necklines!

Your essential bra wardrobe

I recommend Lyla!


The bra that fits most dress necklines and straps by not having any straps itself. It gives you support and a beautiful shape without interfering with the look of your dress. So hater tops, skinny straps and muscle backs are no longer an issue.

Your essential Wardrobe

I recommend Taylor Strapless


There is nothing worse than seeing the pattern of a bra underneath a T-shirt or clingy top as it just makes you look like you have knobby boobs! A seamless style T-shirt bra ensure that it won’t be visible underneath and is a practical straight forward everyday bra. Investing in a nude colour is also useful as you then don’t have the black bra white top dilemma!

Your essential Wardrobe

I recommend the seamless Deco bra!

So these would be my four essential bra’s to have in your wardrobe, to fit any occasion and any then any other you can buy for pure pleasure! Plus you can get these four guilt free because after all…they are essential!




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