I want to be a Flapper! 0

Oh yes, I have decided I have missed out on an awesome era. That of the 1920′s when women were breaking free and expressing themselves in sexy garments and undergarments, had bobbed hair, listened to jazz, enjoyed sex (shhh..yes really enjoyed!) drank, wore makeup and had fun! Think the musical Chicago and you will get the image!

It was an era when women said no to the flat chest and broke free into what we see now as the bra! Sexy, classy, and sultry.


The reason I have come to this conclusion is because I got a fabulous day off (from that Multiple Mummy life) last week to view the new Spring/Summer collection of underwear and swimwear brought to you by Eveden!

The event was held at the beautiful Portland Place, and the room looked a bit like something out of Downton Abbey with it’s painted ceilings and stunning chandelier! The rooms mood was alight with the sound of jazz music playing in the background and the room was decorated in a stunning array of Fauve, Fantasie, Huit, Freya, Elomi and Goddess underwear.

Although an avid Freya fan, my favourite on the day was Fauve.


I want to be a flapper Fitting Talk

Hanging from an open iron wardrobe the Fauve range glittered in it’s classically sexy and indulgent sense. It screamed Flapper from the rooftops, and as I said, because Flapper is going to be my new career (can you see me telling my husband that over his spaghetti Bolognese? ‘By the way dear, I am not going to teach or be a mother anymore, I am going to Flap!’ I can see him spluttering his wine and telling me I do enough flapping already, and didn’t I really need to get organised!) I really felt that it was calling to to be to worn….like a uniform!

I want to be a flapper Fitting Talk


Onward to huit where I fell in love with this! You would actually think it wasn’t underwear would you, it is so beautiful? Huit is a range usually targeted for the smaller busted but I am determined to see if I can get mine in because it is so pretty!


I want to be a Flapper Fitting Talk

I pass the lovely food, where I pinch a delicious sausage (not very Flapper like) and move onto Freya. Ahhh, it’s like coming home. It stands out to me and tells me it loves me and not to be seduce by Fauve.

I lie and say that I am not at all attracted but truthfully add I will forever remain true to Freya. I start to eye up Elomi (so attractive), but  the Freya mocks me and my diddy boobs and is not at all concerned that I will desert it as those Elomi bad boys could fit on my head!

I want to be a Flapper Fitting Talk


I meet some other lovely ladies at the event including Fuller Figure Bust, Undercoverlingerista and Beckyandthejets! Always great to meet other bloggers who are supportive fans!

Then it was time go home to the real world. I had left the kiddiwinks in the care of my two best friends, who did not require any kind of bribing to have them the day. They really must love them! So Flapper was out and Multiple Mummy was back in. As soon as I walked into the house the dress (that everyone complimented (blush) – I must normally look really rough) I was wearing came straight off and the leggings and tunic went back on as you need to maneuverer swiftly with twins,  but my trusty Freya stayed put, and there it shall stay.


Multiple Mummy