Freya prepare for Christmas at their Fitting Event in Selfridges, London 0

I know it seems like only a few short months ago we were in the blistering heat of Summer, and it seems crazy that it will be Christmas one month from today. Don’t panic, as Freya have been lending their customers helping hand at various fitting events across the country so that they know which bra size to tell Santa to buy them. I went along to the Selfridges event last weekend for a spot of Freya stalking, and I was really impressed with the style and size range that was available.

Count the Freya’s: Naomi, Taylor, Ingrid, Lauren and Nina, what a treat!

They stocked the padded half-cup version of the Ingrid, in my opinion the cuter of the two available styles, and from the e smallest band size of 30 and up to the maximum 38. With many more sizes available than what is on the shop floor, it’s highly likely that if a brand comes in your size, you’ll be able to walk away with it that same day. I tried on some styles in 28FF and 30F styles and had pay day been last week my finances would have been in grave danger. I was particularly bowled over by the Vivienne by sister brand Fantasie:

…which appealed to me for those ‘in-betweeny’ days when a 30 band is more than enough. Am I trying to convince myself? Probably. 30F please Santa?

They seemed to have every size and style of the continuity colour of the Arabella, a perfect gift bra which combines the comfort, shape and style of the every day bra and the sexiness of a romantic set: a foolproof, ‘can’t go wrong’ choice. The only reason that a Freya fan wouldn’t appreciate an Arabella would be if they have it already… although, maybe in another colour-way?

For a brighter bold colour choice why not check out the Brooke, Lyla or Neive… particularly in the stunning long-line version! The Lyla is still widely available in this gorgeous magenta with teal embroidery detail from the Spring/Summer 2011 collection or in a seductive black and red for Autumn/Winter.

For those who prefer (or need) a more classic colour palette, Freya’s Essentials are also a fabulous choice. I particularly recommend the Lacey, the Deco and the Jolie bras, all practical but anything but boring. And the infamous cleavage and uplift of the Deco? What more could a girl want under her New Year’s Eve party dress?

But what use is the perfect bra without the Perfect fit?

And in case you missed it last time, here’s Rosemary’s checklist for the perfect fit:

  • A nice firm band which you can comfortably fit two fingers under all the way round yet still fits nice and snug.
  • The band should fit horizontal all around the back at the root of the bust, parallel to the ground with no riding up or arching into a ‘bow and arrow’ shape.
  • Your band should be fastened on the loosest hook to ensure your bra fits you
  • A cup which is filled without any overspill or ‘double boob’ effect, just nicely and smoothly encased in the cup, holding the breast up where they should be! There should be no fabric wrinkling or gaps between the cup and the breast.
  • Straps securely snug without digging in or rubbing, after all 80-90% or the weight of your boobs should be held by your back band.You should be able to comfortably fit two fingers under the band and they should not lift away from the body any more than this.
  • The wires should sit flush against the ribcage, with no gaps or gaping, they should not dig into the breast tissue in any way, particularly under the arm pit where many women unfortunately forget to check.
  • Bras come in many shapes and styles and just because a bra doesn’t tick all these boxes may not mean that is not the correct size – the style may just not be best for you.
  • All brands and bras fit differently so it is vitally important that you are fitted into every bra you buy.

The Eveden team were on hand offering free fitting consultations last weekend in Selfridges, London. The gorgeous models and the lovely Rosemary were there representing Freya and the rest of the Eveden family as they showcased the gorgeous designs which should go hand-in-hand with a perfect fit. The fabulous Mrs. Santa outits really got me in the festive mood and made me realise I should probably start Christmas shopping soon…

If you missed it, you can still get a great fitting service in Selfridges (trust me, I’ve tried everywhere!).

So why not go get fitted by a Freya specialist near you and leave a few handy hints dotted around your workplace, home, Facebook, Twitter pages (or any other strategically placed location) where Santa might spot it? All with your bra size attached, of course.

Merry Christmas shopping season from us at Fitting Talk and the whole Freya team :) x