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After having three babies myself you would think I was an expert on maternity lingerie but in fact when I look back I think I was not given very good advice. If I had taken better care of my breasts during pregnancy and following whilst breastfeeding I think I might have rescued them a little. The importance of a correctly fitted maternity bra, I now see is really an essential part of breast well being.

Most woman find that one of the first signs of pregnancy are breasts that are increasing in size and can often be tender. During the course of your pregnancy your breast size and shape can change dramatically. This is not reflective of putting on weight – do not fear if your back size increases; this is because you ribs are expanding due to making room for the little person growing inside you!

The importance of correctly fitted maternity lingerie Freya Fitting Talk

Me 4 weeks away from having the twins. Huge!

I think a lot of woman are put off maternity wear, firstly because it is recommended that you wear non-wired, secondly because they often look hideous (and lets face it at the later stages you feel fat enough as it is, you don’t want to feel frumpy as well!) and finally because of the fitting.

Freya estimate that 80% of woman wear the wrong size bra so add pregnancy and drastic boob size changes over a space of a year and this must increase considerably.

So here are my tips for maternity bra shopping.

1. Get fitted regularly throughout your pregnancy and following having the baby. Remember it can take up to three days for your milk to come in and when this happens you will have breasts resembling Katie Price. The bra needs to be well fitted – this means it does not ride up the back, is snug around the bottom band whilst not putting any pressure on the breasts and is supportive.

2. Comfort – consider the fabric, your breast will be sensitive and you don’t want anything that is not breathable or itchy. Soft handle simplex fabrics and cottons are good.

3. Adjustable bras – ensuring it is adjustable will help make the bra last for that bit longer as you will change shape quickly. During maternity we tend to work in reverse and let it fit the tightest first so that you can expand out, but once the baby is born we go back to the loosest fitting first so you can bring it in as you body starts to return to its usual shape.

4. That is supporting which means the straps don’t dig into your shoulders, it provides elevation but not in a cleavage sense and usually has wider straps.

If you have a properly fitted bra during your maternity time you can reduce the risk of blocked ducts and mastitis.

I have to say I was not prepared for the changes during my pregnancy. I went from a 32D to a 36FF at my biggest. Seriously they were so huge they had their own moon orbiting them and their own atmosphere and sense of gravity. They did however make a very useful shelf!

Freya have a fabulous Dotty Nursing bra and Pollyanna Nursing bra! As I am currently not expecting (but who know what the future may hold) I sadly cannot review one, however, I have two people in mind that can, so once I have their verdicts I shall be back to let you know all about them.

But I assure you all this fuss is worth it…look what you get at the end! (Well not always two but I am just greedy!)

The importance of correctly fitted maternity wear Freya Fitting Talk

Me an hour after having the twins so excuse how rough I look!

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