Sex and the city vintage style 0

I am currently running a little book club over on my blog, and us Diva Readers are enjoying the classic novel The Best of Everything, by Rona Jaffe. ( do come and join in the fun!).

This novel is set and written in the 50′s, and precedes Sex and the City by 40 years, yet the themes are the same. Style, women in the workplace, fast paces New York, friendships, relationships.

Lovers of the TV show Mad Men will really enjoy this little number. The snapshot of life in 1950′s New York through the eyes of a young woman setting out to work in publishing is illuminating and magical, bringing to life the daily lives of young women, ostensibly our grandmother’s age, living a modernity that is now much coveted vintage.

There is something so glamourous about 50′s women that we are always trying to recapture today.

I have spoken before about my admiration and girl crushes on Romola Garai and Christina Hendricks as role models for real women – curvy, feminine, stylish, beautiful.

Whilst we can be inspired by 50s glamour it’s always lovely to know that underwear has moved on a long, long way since then. Our grandmothers had the original vintage style, but we have Freya, and the expert craftsmanship that brings us beatifully made lingerie like this:

Meet Nieve.

Oh,the loveliness.

You want hourglass longline cut lingerie? You got it. Vintage insired prints? All here.

Retro glamour the divas of the 50′s would be proud of.  Thanks Freya!

I think this is too good to be kept under wraps….what would granny say?!

Dexterous Diva