Autumn/Winter 2011: Taylor strapless review 0

For anyone who has read my photo blog of how I utilised the Freya Deco strapless, you’ll know that for a 28/30 backed girl finding a strapless can be like being between hell or high water. A hackneyed phrase has never been more apt than describing a strapless bra for me which is both comfortable, pretty, and a great fit really is as rare as hen’s teeth.

The Deco is a really practical wonderful bra and has become my go-to bra for any strapless outfit and I thought it couldn’t be rivalled but it has been beaten to the ground by the stunning Taylor strapless.

The subtle yet knockout detailing of the striped sheer fabric overlay, bronze felt stripe and ribbon and strip of lace is so sophisticated. It takes a practical item and injects a bit of sex appeal that the plain Deco version was lacking (not to worry poor Deco, you’ll always have your place in my heart and my wardrobe!).

As a sucker for a high-waisted brief, of course I went for the stunning retro style bottoms, here in a size S which fit perfectly. The fabric is so soft an malleable that they are truly the most comfortable high waisted knickers I’ve ever owned, I’d gladly never take them off although apparently that behaviour is frowned upon. The briefs have a panel of the semi-sheer striped fabric which again adds subtle detailing and a pop of stripe to add interest. Again we see the bronze detailing to correlate with the vertical stripes which we all know are so flattering.

The design of the bra means no ‘hoiking’ or adjusting, with strips of plastic which help the bra stick to you which I bearly notice when wearing.

The straps are actually really handy since both the straps and the cups have two different loops for you to hook them into so that you can fully customize your look. The Taylor, like the Deco, can do one shoulder, cross-back, diagonal… however you want your bra to be just adjust accordingly!

Oh Taylor, is there nothing you can’t do? I thought the Naomi was going to be my favorite from this season but now I’m not so sure…

I could happily wear this bra with or without the straps as the level of support is near-enough equal. I’ll probably clear out every website for each lasting pair of the high-waisted briefs come end of season and I think for those days that you need a streamlined finish I’ll invest in the matching thong also.

One thing that I should note is that like my strapless Deco bra, before the first few washes and wears it is ever so firm a fit around the band. I’ve considered up-sizing, but then I remember how perfect my current Deco strapless fits be now it has been ‘broken in’. For the mean-time I’ve kept the 28FF and invested in a band extender till the band stretches out, that way the life of my bra will be extended.