Freya Tara – A Review 0

I have been a very lucky girl and had a glorious summer. I have not been away and got a gorgeous sun tan, and I have not sampled Pimms in large quantities (I wish) but I have had my husband by my side for six weeks as he is a teacher and has me helped with the wee ones and some fabulous quality time including Center Parcs, Peppa Pig World and this week The Lake District! I can’t wait!

I have used my swim suits so much as the twins took their first try of swimming – here is me in the Riviera bikini which was so supportive and comfortable with two smalls, who do have a habit of pulling at the most awkward of places often resulting in an escaping breast – not the case this time thank goodness!


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Me sporting the Riviera Bikini

I feel I have sung the well deserved praises of Freya swim wear a lot and so was delighted to receive some beautiful lingerie called Tara this month from the Freya Team. So I shall tell you more about it!

When I unwrapped it from the tissue paper (how luxurious does something seem when wrapped in tissue paper?) I was in love from the beginning as it was my favourite colour of purple with blue and is described as ‘Twilight’. The pattern is described as camouflage but actually I find it to be prettier than that description and comes across like woven butterflies to me but maybe that’s my vivid imagination.

The top of the bra and knickers has beautiful lace work trimmed with aubergine coloured stitching and the bra has matching aubergine straps.

As this was the second set of underwear I have tested I was nervous as to the fit, still not quite convinced that my size of a 30D could be accurate but I needn’t have worried, it fitted perfectly and is completely comfortable.

This lingerie range is one that I would have definitely picked out for myself. It sits beautifully under tops giving a smooth finish.

Freya Tara a review, Multiple Mummy

I may be seeing things but it looks like butterflies to me!

I hope you like it as much as me!