The ‘Freya Girl’ is a ‘Real Woman’ 0

As if we need another complaint about female body image in the media.

Today I came across two articles in particular which have again got me thinking about that ugly term ‘Real Women’.

The Daily Mail Online posted an article about Kelly’s lovely beach bod and I was dismayed by the sheer amount of negative comments by readers which slate her beneath The Mail’s complimentary article.


Kelly is no doubt a curvy girl – check out that teeny waist and rounded hips! It’s sad that women can’t recognise the beauty in others of all shapes and sizes.

Freya are a brand which aim to recognise the needs and wants of women of all shapes and sizes, for petite to plus-sized, short to tall, boyish to curvy etc. etc. One girl may have an impressive bust or derrière, yet another may have enviable long legs and slim arms. We can’t have it all so why can’t we celebrate what we have in a lovely bikini or swimsuit down on the beach? We may not all be followed by the paparazzi but we’re all followed by that black cloud of criticism imposed by either ourselves or the surrounding public.

Similarly, Fox News published an article which reminds us that Christina Hendricks is more than her ‘famous curves’. True, she has the most impressive T&A of all of Hollywood, but surely she’d like some recognition for her acting skills as well as her lady lumps?

Who wouldn’t want to be recognised world-wide as a curvaceous goddess and beauty icon for a generation? But at the same time we want to be praised for more than just our T&A; is it so much to ask to have a compliment about her decade-long acting career? A point well made. Have the media gone ‘buck wild’ about Christina’s shape? Perhaps – but it’s great to see a refreshingly different body type glorified in the media.

On a slightly less serious note, if you want a cleavage like Christina’s why not try the Freya Deco? I can’t promise miracles of goddess-like proportions but I can guarantee a smile on your face.

For too long we’ve been conditioned into an expectation of the ‘ideal’ body type and it appears that no one is in agreement so I think it’s about time to ditch the ‘real woman’ label and accept the beauty of diversity. Sounds cheesy but it’s true!

Freya are a brand who are all too aware of the trials and tribulations of being ‘curvy’, but on the other hand as a brand which cater from a 28-38 band and from a C up to a K cup they offer beautifully fitting lingerie and swimwear to make the most of what you have, not to criticise what you don’t.

Look no further than us Freya bloggers to show how Freya girls come in all shapes and sizes, bra sizes, ages and walks of life. The ‘Freya girl’ is a ‘real woman’ regardless of her size of shape.

We think Kelly would look stunning in the Freya swimwear range – what set would you put her in? Perhaps the Pier bikini in red polka dot?

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