Swimwear Review – Mirage 0

No I am not seeing things…Mirage Tutti Fruiti is the most beautiful swimwear set and my favourite to date.

I have already worn it out to a spa day with the girls and got a lot of compliments which totally made my day. It is so suited for me because it is fuss free in comparison to a swim suit (meaning no stripping to go for a wee which always feels odd to me in public toilets!) and also covers that dreaded Mum Tum. I know I harp on about this but we all have our horrid areas and the tummy is mine. I know you don’t have to be a Mum to not like your Tum, but with this it doesn’t matter either way, it covers the lot.

Mirage Tutti Fruiti is a swim wear design influenced by the 80′s graffiti print and consists of pinks and corals in colour with striking black floral design over the top. When I first studied it I felt it had the influence of Japan in it, with the Orchid flower design and sunset colours and it fitted into the spa scene smoothly.

Swimwear review, mirage, Freya, Fitting Talk

This is not me (sadly) but is exactly how I feel in this swimwear!

The most genius part about the top is the fact that is has a built in sized bra, with fantastic plunging neckline that really give you lift and support you need. I was so surprised to have to do up a strap at the back and the difference this made to my shape.

When I was raving about my new swimwear set to a friend she said she didn’t get on with Tankini’s because she has a large bust and small waist and they always ride up the sides. I asked if she had ever had a fitted one and she informed me she hadn’t, only cheaper versions (her words not mine) and I suspect this is the reason why but I was determined to put this to the test. At the spa I…

  • jumped in the pool
  • swam a length (this is active for me!)
  • got in and out of the jacuzzi
  • Went under their waterfall

and not once did my tankini ride up, so tried and tested! It passed with an A grade.

I was also sent the lovely classic briefs to match my tankini (phew I hear you gasp, I am glad she had something on the bottom half!) but they are also available in Rio tie side briefs as well.

If you are not a Tankini girl but love the design you can also get it in a balcony bikini top or a halter bikini top.

To finish off the true bliss that is my new swim wear is the matching tunic. It is printed on a slightly see through fabric that just looks very sheer and luxurious. It really does add that little bit of magic to the whole ensemble. I felt very special wearing it and hubby loved it too. It washes brilliantly and dries so quickly on the line.

Mirage swim wear review, Fitting Talk, Freya

The gorgeous Tankini and Tunic

The Mirage collection is available up to a 40 back and a HH cup size although each of the styes varies slightly so head over here to take a look.

We are off to Center Parcs next week for a summer holiday and I am so excited to be taking this with me.

I will feel like  yummy Multiple Mummy at the pool side in this.