Keeping abreast of your breasts 0

Abreast of breasts

Hi all!

As readers of my blog know, I have moved house this weekend.


It has been a really busy time, shifting boxes, sorting out places to put all the STUFF that seems to accumulate and, of course keeping up with my training for the Nike Half Marathon with the Team Bangs girls. My Freya Active is really going through it’s paces at the moment!

In all the chaos, it has been really refreshing to take stock. I have made myself be ruthless with clothes, passing to friends or charity shops bag loads of stuff that I either no longer wear, or no longer fits. Chucking out things when they are no good to me has given my wardrobe some space back, and made it SO much easier to see what I have to wear to make manic mornings with the kids a little less…well, manic.

Today I attacked my underwear drawer with vigour. I realised my boyf and I had amassed obscene amount of odd, beyond sell-by-date socks just kind of shoved into the drawer, as you do. I edited my tired and bedraggled pant selection with vigour, throwing out all sorts of items passing as knickers that should really know better.

My bras had to come under the same scrutiny; over the last 3 years I have been pregnant, a post-natal milk bar of boobs, a shrunken version after rgaining my figure, a lagrer version after falling off the bandwagon, and now a shrinking me again as I go through my training paces.

My point is that out bodies change, and so, believe it or not, do boobs. Yes sireeee. They grow, shrink, get fuller, rounder, slimmer – depending on what stage of life, and how we are living life.

As I carefully edited my underwear today I reminded myself how important it is to keep an eye on the aptly named bottom drawer. This stuff sets you up for how you feel, it supports you throughout the day and transports you from working diva or yummy mummy to vixen and back in the snap of a fastener.

Regular measurements by people who know what they are doing (Freya trained assistants certainly do), will make sure your support is sorted and your confidence stays on track inside and out.

A good Spring clean also allows you to see where the gaps are in what you need – how is your lingerie selection looking? Do you need another good, everyday basic bra? ( I love my Freya Retro Basic). How about another pair of matching briefs to a bra so you can feel fab in your lingerie set more often in a week?

It’s good to keep abreast. Clear out, sort out, and stock up laadies. You owe it to yourselves ;)


Until next time,

Jo ( The Dexterous Diva)