Freya at the X Factor 0

This week Freya featured all over the country in the advertisements at the X Factor auditions.

The day started off with a downpour – I felt very sorry for those poor contestants and audience members queuing up in the rain!) but soon brightened up so I could get snap happy to show you all what the O2 arena and the auditions are really like.

Taken from outside the O2 Arena – poor wet audience members queuing… at least the sun came out eventually!

Another shot of the queue and the venue

Umbrellas out!

Where contestants and guest list queue before entering

The O2 Arena!

Fairly pointless picture but I thought it was cool…

Freya on stage!

Be unmissable!

Up close and personal with the judging panel chairs – I was so tempted to have a cheeky sit down!

Who wouldn’t?

Audience members were asked to simply scan the barcode with their smart phones but you can enter too at:

Did you spot the Freya advertisements at the X Factor auditions? Unfortunately I didn’t have time to stay and watch the auditions but I did get a quick look at the judges from backstage. Oh the trials of being a Freya blogger!

Much Love,

Cheryl x