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Last weekend was the UK’s biggest Mummy blogging conference of the year – CyberMummy 2011.

‘What?’ I hear you cry ‘is this geeky event?” and ‘how on earth does it link to me or Freya?” I shall reveal all.

Firstly it is my idea of heaven. As a new Mummy blogger of Multiple Mummy and slight…ok maybe huge blogging addict I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to go to this even courtesy of BabyBornFree bottles to learn more about blogging and to get to meet some of the fabulous people I have got to know through twitter.

Following getting my ticket to CyberMummy (whoop) I then won Freya blog star (double whoop) Leading up to the event Freya asked me to go along with them and obviously I told them I would already be there. So why would Freya be there? They aren’t a Mummy blogger, what on earth interests them? Actually Mummy bloggers! This is because blogging has really become the newest platform to get a message or a product across to the public. Many companies are now realising that getting a review from a blogger holds more value than other forms of advertising because it is an honest opinion which has truth, validity and worth.

When it comes to underwear, who know more of what they want than a Mummy? Someone that has gone through consistent fluctuating breast shape from the moment she started taking contraceptives, to planning a family, pregnancy, breast-feeding and the cycle starting again. It is so important that through these changes breasts are looked after and cared for.  Freya has a fabulous nursing bra called Kelly if you didn’t know!

Additionally, following children, you want underwear that is comfy, supportive and practical for bending down and picking up, but also pretty, so when you 2 year old does that embarrassing I am going to pull your top down in front of everyone trick, you won’t die of shame!

So mummy bloggers are a good place to get Freya seen and tried out to get the feedback out to you, and the thing with reviews and a blog, is it is personal space, therefore it will be honest feedback as blogger. Usually apart from goods to try being exchanged there is no benefit financially to the blogger, so they gain nothing by being dishonest. Plus most companies appreciate feedback; they want to make their products perfect so it actually is all positives for Freya to have link with Mum’s.

For my part as a blogger the day opened with Sarah Brown giving an awesome opening speech.

Sarah Brown opening the CyberMummy11 conference

It enabled me to network and meet some fabulous people but more importantly to meet some very inspirational bloggers and writers who are very successful at what they do. It made me leave with a real fire in my tummy and added fuel to my new addiction. The day was full of a variety of feelings and I am only just coming down from the high. Will I go next year…with bells on! I truly hope that I am lucky enough to attend next year.

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