Body confidence and bridesmaids 0

Body confidence and bridesmaidsHello lovely Fitting Talk readers!


I hope you are enjoying summer, and if anyone has managed to escape to warmer climes…don’t tell me about it I am jealous!

So, this summer I have two very big things going on; firstly, as anyone who reads my blog will know, I am training as part of Team Bangs on the Run 2, for the Nike Run to the Beat half marathon in September.


I am so thrilled to be part of such an amazing group of ladies, and we are all running for incredible reasons to overcome things in life.

One of the benefits of my training, is that although I have only lost a couple of pounds in actual weight, my body confidence is increasing with each passing week. People are starting to comment that I am looking fit and healthy, and I can feel muscle tone where before there was none.

As I am out there pounding the pavements in my amazing Freya Active bra, I am chipping away at my weight goals (I need to lose 8 pounds to be in healthy weight range, and a stone for my personal target). The best bit about keeping to a training plan is that I know I will be out there burning calories at a great rate several times a week, and as long as I am sensible with what I eat and how I fuel my body, my efforts are paying off.

The week before my big run I have the immense honour of being bridesmaid to my partner’s brother and his lovely wife to be down in Devon. Of course being bridesmaid means the world to me and what I look like is secondary, but every girl wants to look good, right? So of course, my goal for being fit enough to run a half marathon ties in with looking gorgeous in my dress.

Now, I can’t reveal just yet what the dress is, but I promise to post pictures after the wedding. However, central to my underwear requirements is a good strapless bra.

Enter, stage left Deco strapless.

As  you know, I am currently in love with Deco for my everyday essential stuff and to have Deco on my side under the dress makes me a very happy lady indeed.

As a full busted lady, a strapless dress can hold many fears, especially when one is on display, so to speak. Deco strapless is nude coloured, so any bits that are accidentally exposed don’t glare “white bra alert!!”, it is soft, structured, comfortable and WONDERFUL.

I am going for my dress fitting on Tuesday to have m ine taken in a little (YES! I have shrunk since we bought it!) and I am looking forward to taking my Deco strapless with me and getting pinned in the right places.

Body confidence for me is about feeling good from what I am doing with my body to make it feel fit, but equally how I dress underneath to give me the right support.

Body confidence really is from the inside out, in every respect.


Until next time,