Swimwear Review: Freya Venetian Bikini 0

Me doing my very best ‘Champion’ pose in the Freya Venetian, 28FF.

I reviewed this bikini on my own blog Invest in Your Chest back in April and I have been finding excuses to wear it ever since. The Venetian gives the fit, comfort and style you expect from a Freya bikini, with a bold colourful graphic print and cutesy frills – quite frankly I’ve fallen in love!

In my original review – I put this bra through its paces by wearing it to a water park – think slides, rubber rings, children and hot tubs – my friend Becky found the experience so strenuous she had a nose bleed!

But throughout all of this the Venetian didn’t let me down – such a good sport! Plus, I felt cute and supported in it the whole time, no risky pinging claps or precarious strappy bits. This bikini fits and supports like a bra which is perfect for the bigger-busted girl.

As I said in my own blog:

They offer just as much support as a bra without looking at all like underwear. Freya bikinis I have had before include the Mystic and the Bamboo Island styles, so as a fan of colourful fun patterns this one was right up my street. I really like the colours as well as the summery cute print.

I found that with this bikini the band and cup size were perfect for me in a 28FF. I like to, wherever possible, get a nice firm fit with a bikini I intend to do beach or water sports in and I definitely felt that this one could keep up with me with no worries. The briefs I got in a size small and found them to be comparable to a generous size 10, again something fairly typical with Freya fitting.

The little frills on the skirt and top were so darn cute – a pretty detail on anyone and super flattering on curves. This one turns heads on the beach for sure!


Close up shot of the Venetian – as modelled by my friend and fellow 28FF, Sam.

This bikini was kindly sent for consideration by Mish Online.

Much love,

Cheryl x