Running to the beat 0


I am training currently for a half marathon.


I have the enormous honour of being part of the final 14 ladies chosen to run alongside the powerhouse that is blogger Bangs and a Bun, as part of Team Bangs on the Run. We are a mixed bag of ladies, all on a journey together sharing our training and development stories on our blogs and Twitter.

For me, this is enormous. I have young twins so I have a, shall we say, less than perfect phsyique currently, as a lot of mums will sympathise with! I also suffer from endometriosis, so to be able to train for an event and overcome my pain is a big thing for me. I will keep you all posted on my progress and I am so excited to be part of this event.

As a well endowed lady, proper bounce management is massively important to the way I train, so I have been using Freya Active . The beauty of this bra is the gentle underwire and firm separation it  gives. Those bad boys don’t move and believe me that is no mean feat.

I also love the matching briefs which are perfect for the gym – really comfortable they feel sleek and supportive whilst being super quick drying which is always a bonus to wash and dry your kit in double quick time for the next session!

Here is how the set looks on a lovely model.

If you want to see how it looks on yours truly take a deep breath and peek here. Just don’t laugh ok, I am working on it, with the help of Freya of course!