Results and revelations: Freya Edith lounge nightie 0

So today I found out that not only have I passed my degree, I’ve got a 2.1 – the grade that I was crossing my fingers, toes, arms, legs and eyes for.

So how am I planning on celebrating tomorrow? In the way a only student knows how – doing nothing.

Not to undermine that students work hard, but over the three years of being an undergraduate if many of them are like me (and I can pretty much guarantee they are!) they will have become somewhat of an expert in ‘lounging’. Think baggy The Smiths tshirt, Morrisey’s face or perhaps an album cover emblazoned across my unbridled bosoms and an oversized pair of tracksuit bottoms or pyjama bottoms.

Us students, we’ve all been there – hair askew, last night’s make up all over our face, squinting and blinking as the postman knocks ever so rudely on our door before the crack of noon with a parcel (impulse underwear order from the week before) and being somewhat ashamed when he asks: ‘Just woke up?’

Well, now I’m done with the old ways – I’m embracing life as an graduate (woohoo!) – a ‘real person’ again who no longer has the excuse ‘because I’m a student’. In celebration of this, I’ve given away or binned my old holey pyjamas (never Morrissey though, maybe I’ll hang those up) and tried Freya Lounge.

No longer will my bosoms be unbridled, no longer will the postman look down on me as the good-for-nothing I am, no longer will I feel unsupported and uncouth when watching National Geographic Jeremy Kyle or the Grand Prix on a Sunday – now I’ll look and feel cute in my gorgeously girly and effortlessly pretty Freya Edith lounge nightie.

“A flattering V-neck with ditsy spot and star motifs alongside bold paisley – all ultra-soft handle cotton elastene. Complementing the Edith lingerie collection, this includes a secret support panel.”

A fan of the Edith underwear set, I think the colour and pattern coordination into the lounge collection is quite frankly a work of genius. The mix and match lounge-wear is practical and pretty – so much that I almost want to wear it out as a little summer dress. The blue paisley pattern with pink lace trim is girly but not so girly that I’m put off or feel unseemly. Not the raunchiest thing one could wear to bed but it sure enough sexes up the conventional pyjama, as well as gently supporting your bust around the house and a touch more modesty, shape and confidence.

Also available in separates for those of you more comfortable in a top and shorts set.

Freya Lounge caters from an XS to an XL.

Much love,

Cheryl x