Match made in heaven: Riviera Swimwear and Beachcomber Review 2

We didn’t think we would have a holiday this year. Then my wonderful sister in law amazed us all by treating the whole family  (9 adults and 9 children) to a week away at Centre parks in the summer. I was so excited about the thought and then it dawned on me…swimming, hot tub…ahh bikini?!

Freya my savior, very conveniently sent me the most beautiful bikini called Riviera this month, so I am going to tell you all about it here on the Fitting Talk Lingerie Blog. It is red and white and inspired by a nautical theme of white knots. It is completely classy but vibrant for the summer.

The bikini is halter neck, which is not usually a style I would go for because I never felt they would offer much support, but how wrong could I be? My boobs have never looked so good and it gives me a cleavage! Hurray! This is the result of the bikini being available in separates and that I actually have a proper fitted 30D top with my ‘cough ahem’ larger bottoms.  The bottoms have a wide band at the top, which fits snuggly to the hips and is very flattering.

I apologies now but I shan’t be modeling the bikini (I do have a teaching career to return to and really don’t need 16 years olds with any printable ammunition!) Additionally the mum tum is a slight issue. So I shall leave you with this beautiful representation (gosh I wish I had a body like that.)

I must say it is extremely comfortable and I was so impressed with the support and shape as it is not underwired. It is available in cup sizes D- F cups and start from a 30 back.

Additionally the fabulous Freya sent a beautiful cover up called Beachcomber. Now when they mentioned cover up, I assumed a sarong. But no, it is a little strapless sun frock in vibrant red, which compliments the swimsuit perfectly. It is so soft to the touch and very comfortable and had a little belt around the middle to synch in at the waist. I can see myself slipping this on all the time during the summer, with or without bikini! Especially to just potter about in the garden. It is so lovely I would pop to the shops in it.

I will model this for because, yes you guessed it, it covers my Mum Tum! I am working on this and if you want to see how head over to Multiple Mummy to see my MUMenTUM posts.

Now when you are holiday it is one thing sunbathing lying down, hoping no notices you, and dipping and out the pool for a swim, but when you want to head to bar to get a little drink, you sometimes want a little something to slip on and make you feel a little less…well….naked!

If you are under 25 or have the body of goddess, or are pre children then this is probably not something that concerns you, but it you have a post three children tummy like myself then is may be of concern. Yes I do have a complex! Not helped by the fact that my husband said whilst taking the photo’s, ‘are you sure you want a close up of the boob section as you have not really got much’ and I highlighted this was to show the dress detail, and then he said that I had really bony shoulders! Nothing like giving a girl confidence! )

However the dress makes me feel just lovely, and this must be true as I am posting the photos for all to see even with his ‘constructive critism’

I was sent the medium and I did not blink at this as I range between a size 10/12 but I would say that actually it is probably more a size12/14 and that a size small would be a better fit.

I am thrilled with my swimwear for the summer, and although I am not jetting off to some beautifully hot destination, it will be perfect for my family getaway.

Feel free to let me know what you think. I love feedback! x