Lounge Lover 0

It’s common knowledge that the uniform of the blogger is PJ’s.

Yes, yes, we may be writing about fashion, beauty, design, trends, blah blah blah but if we are writing at home, the discerning blogger wears PJ’s. Loungewear is the new, er, going out?

It is in my world, anyway.

So, as the Dexterous Diva I am pleased to reveal my latest outfit for writing/lounging/being in: the Cindy.

The great thing about the Cindy loungwear set, aside from the fruity bright colours, is the cheeky support panel in the vest top. Ab-so-lute-ly GENIUS.

My problem with most other PJ’s, as a well breasticled young(ish) woman is the dreaded droop. Having boobs around ones nether regions is not, repeat NOT conducive to effective lounging.

Wearing a bra is wonderful but not for lounging.

Enter the support panel – a bit of lift,  and hey presto, a decent shape so when the postman comes to the door one doesnt feel quite so Nora Batty.

Sorry Nora.

I look forward to working my way through Freya’s loungwear, and it’s all for you, dear Fitting Talk. The things I do eh…