Freya Warehouse Sale.. 3

If you follow Freya lingerie on Facebook as well, you will have no doubt noticed a post saying they were holding a warehouse sale last weekend.. well as I live less than an hour away how could a girl resist? So despite feeling a tad worse for wear (although of course ensuring the alcohol had sufficient time to leave my blood stream, I’m a good girl really) off I trotted.

After a few seconds of feeling like I was entering invited to someones place of work, I heard raucous female laughter and found myself face to face with rows and rows of boxes full of Freya goodies….

I brought myself three bras, at a grand total of £2 each! (insert evil laugh).Which takes my collection of Freya lingerie to a total of 5.. plus another 2 that I was lucky enough to get on Tuesday so overall I now have 7! (insert yet another evil laugh).

Here are a few snaps of my warehouse sale purchases…


I love the pretty little details on each bra, how varied the designs actually are and the fact that I was very lucky to find them in a big warehouse at the bottom of a cardboard box.


Love Kerry