Freya Lingerie Summer and a Lack of Summer 0

Apologies for my atrocious blogging of late. But this week was a very busy week for me! I started my first full time job on Monday so have been working late most nights and coming home to0 exhausted to do anything but eat and sleep. I am so rock and roll!

I am working as a Sample Coordinator for a hand bag and accessory supplier to the high street, as it is a fashion role I have obviously been very keen to look fashionable. Despite that, I have kept my looks quite simple, so that I feel comfortable without looking to “made up” as well as the fact that I spend most of my days on my hands and knees, surrounded by said samples

I decided that an oversized pink top, polka dot blazer, a bright purple watch and wedges would give a summery feel, despite the torrential rain that has been a regular occurrence of late, the month feeling more like April than June. As the top was quite over sized and the fact that the weather is anything but summery at the moment, I wore my first Freya bra, Summer underneath, this also added a D&G Spring Summer 2011 look, with the strong floral pattern providing the on trend look I desired.

Why does fashion have to be only clothes?


Love Kerry