Freya Cindy, A Review 0

Today I wore my Freya Cindy for the first time.  As a smaller chested lady living in a fuller bosom loving world, I have always been concerned about how “big” my breasts look in clothes, rather than how the shape looks. But without sounding too preachy, I am now a convert to having a properly fitted bra rather than focusing on the oomph I felt I needed and the padding that I previously thought gave me the more womanly look. Since discovering Freya, I really enjoy the look of a Freya bra and how the shape actually gives me the attractive womanly look I have always desired.  As for the style, I love the aqua and pink colour combination as well as the decorative soft mesh with the embroidered circles, its fresh and pretty without being sickly and too “twee”.

The fit, as to be expected from a Freya is beautiful. As this is only my second bra from this brand, I am still surprised how flat to my body the middle panel is and how the cups actually fit my breasts, support them and give them the cleavage I always wanted but never thought I would have, relying on padding and chicken fillets.

You can see for yourselves the difference between the two bras in their support and fit, with the black lace one being before my Freya liberation, my favourite and is now redundant. The non Freya, literally does nothing for me, no support, the cup gapes and the centre panel does not lie flat to my chest. Overall, the Freya Cindy gives me the cleavage I want, the support, and fits so close to my body without causing discomfort, a stark contrast to my usual bras. The briefs in addition are super soft to the touch, are very comfortable, have not ridden all day or given me builders bum!

Love Kerry