Brands and beneath 0

Among my current weekly watchlist of shows is Secrets of the Superbrands which airs on the ever-evolving BBC3.

It’s a great one to watch as a consumer  - which, by default, we all are – and gives a fascinating insight to the history of huge brands we know and love and the ways in which we are influenced to purchase.

As a designer and writer involved in projects with large brands over the years this is something I am aware of as part of my job, but to get under the skin of the psychology of the consumer experience is always fascinating to watch.

Brands are key driving factors in our lives and lifestyle. What we wear and how we wear it signifies an incredible amount of information by the wearing of certain labels. We judge people by their choice of brands, and the way we judge them changes according to the current brand perception (just look at Burberry as an example, from heritage premium brand to chav as our perceptions changed). A myriad of associations are held within one logo and label.

I highly recommend you check out the series with the kooky Alex Riley who has more than a dash of the Chris Evans about him.

So, it got me thinking. If we display branding on the outside as labels in our clothing in a tribe-like fashion, (think Diesel, Superdry, Prada, Supreme Being etc), how does that apply to our underwear, the place where labels are hidden?

Is the relationship we have with underwear brands more personal as it’s mainly a choice for how we feel underneath, bringing a more intimate relationship to our undies? How do we consumer underwear?

Freya girls have enormous brand loyalty. Whenever I talk about Freya and my involvement with this blog the reaction I get from friends and colleagues is excitement, and always tales of how they or someone they know is a die hard Freya girl because they fell in love with the fit, fashion and the range of large cup size lingerie they offer.

I think Freya is a signifier for the consumer on a personal level. Investing in well fitting and beautiful underwear equates to investing in yourself, the support of your valued assets and, most importantly, how you feel from the innermost layers out.

Why do you love Freya?

What is it about the brand that makes us proud to wear what no one else can see for most of the time?

Check out the series and let me know what you think.