Beauty and the basics 0

Hello Fitting Talk readers!

I have been away from this blog for a little while as my family and I popped to a rainy Cornwall for a week. I do love the fresh air and light down there, such a beautiful part of the country – just a shame it chose to tip it down for much of our hols!  My girls loved it too – I am mum to toddler twin girls – check them out enjoying some Padstow chips :)

So, back to the business of bras.

One of the reasons I love Freya lingerie so much is the range of larger cup lingerie. I  am a 32FF so and finding fashionable, well-fitting lingerie in my size is nigh on impossible. In comes FreyHowever, that is not to say that there is a vital, vital role in a girl’s life (certainly mine) for a well fitting, smooth, shaped T-shirt bra.

I am a mum, and I work at home for the majority of my business too (I run design and trends agency Cherry Sorbet Creative, and I am a writer and blogger). So, unless I am in London for work, the likelihood is that I will be at my desk in jeans and T-shirt, swapping between roles as business-bird and mumma.The mum uniform needs to be comfortable for playing in the park, cooking up  a storm and generally creating mayhem with small people.

One thing that I have often not got right is a great bra for everyday, to wear under my Tees. I cannot stand a bra which is ill fitting, with boob-overspill which I constantly have to scoop up, or the overall feeling of not being well supported.

A good T-shirt bra, in my opinion, is one that makes me feel like a lady evern when I am dressed down.

I sometimes like to wear something special under casual clothes to feel feminine and sexy despite being covered in crayon and banana mush – Freya’s Naomi set is a great one for this – but a great basic, well built, supporting bra is a staple in most women’s wardrobes.

Freya’s Retro Basic is now firmly in my wardrobe alongside my jeans and Tees for a daily staple. I have the Barely There nude version, which is absolutely fabulous as I wear a lot of scooped back or layered tops so if a strap shows slightly and it’s nude coloured its all good.

The padded plunge bra is gorgeous to wear thanks to the super soft fabric and gives a corking cleavage. The smooth lines of the cups means there are no lacy marks under a tight top and it feels, just like the rest of my daily casual wear, super comfortable.

Sometimes, you just need to go back to basics.

Until next time.