A Breastication 0

So I said that I would tell you more about our day to Eveden. I have to say I was excited because not only did I get to meet the team but also because it was a day off! I have 20 month old twins and a little boy who will turn three in June and they keep me very busy so a day filled with ‘grown up’ conversation was delightful. In typical style though I started to come down with a chest infection but I continued on my travels, too excited to care.


I made a slight school girl error in London when not realising Kings Cross and St Pancreas were in fact two different stations and nearly missed my train (whoops!) but I legged it there just in time and arrived in Desborough in good time.

I was starting to get a little nervous of meeting new people, wondering if I look Ok and not look like some out of touch Mummy of three but was immediately made to feel at ease. The first person I met was Kerry G and we chatted for ages in the waiting room, about each other’s lives and what we do. Stupidly we never introduced ourselves so when the team came down to get and we both answered to Kerry we were thrown a little bit (well I was anyway, it really doesn’t take much). We clearly decided that Kerry’s were obviously what the team were looking for. We were then told that sadly Jo could not make it (another strange coincidence that she too has twins) so I am still looking forward to meeting her and then the lovely Cheryl rocked up who was so calm, at ease and natural.

The day at Freya was a real ‘breastication’. The first thing that surprised me is that (and I know this may sound silly) but they wanted me to write as often as I would like for the blog and that they gave us pretty much free reign over the material and the trust the team had in us. I thought I would just get asked to bits here and there and subject matter would be directed. It was so flattering to know the team trusted in us. They showed us the blog design and don’t you just think it is so Freya? Classy and stylish!

We were given all the talk into Freya and the company which quite frankly is making headway in the lingerie world to cater for everybody and got a peak at next years’ A/W range as it was all displayed in the meeting room. Let’s just say there are some beautiful pieces in store for you!

Then we got taken down to the shop where I got a bra fitting. When we had to reveal our size and I whispered an embarrassed, ‘34B’ (I used to be a 32E but no pill and babies had altered me) I could see some smirks around the room. When I got measured I found out why! The bra fitting ladies were amazing. They clearly knew all there was to know about breast, bras’ and how they should fit. It was quickly establish that in fact a 32 back was still too big and indeed I was a 30. Now what I didn’t realise is that;

1. The bra needs to be firm around your back (this is something we are not use too as we usually have our bras to big)

2. The back strap of the bra should not rise up (if it does this it is a sign that it
is too big)

3. That you have to lean forward and shake your boobs in to the bra, so that your boobs fill the bra from the side.

4. The strap should be the tightest on the hook furthest away. This is so that as you wash and wear the bra and it get looser you can tighten it on the inner hooks. If you already need it to start on the inner hooks, again is too big!

I was then told that in cup I was a D! Can you believe it because I still can’t really! I came out not only feeling skinny but like I had a big chest! It does wonders for your confidence; I really recommend a proper fitting from Freya.

Freya told us they believe 80% of women are in the wrong size bra and that you should get measured at least every six months and more regularly if things are changing in your life. Pregnancy would be an obvious change but anything from stress, resulting in weight loss or gain, to hormonal changes can change your shape and maybe your bra size!

I left the shop with the most beautiful bra set – it is so vibrant and summer holiday fun! Look!



We were then shown around the factory and we saw that Freya products are not only created by the design team from initial themes and inspiration but also continued through to concept designs, including mock ups and finally fitting them all before they go to production. This design process is all completed on site in the Eveden factory. I had no idea how much went into designing and would like to find out more in this area, but it can take almost a year to get a bra made from start to finish. Think how ahead of the game in terms of fashion they have to be. It is incredible.

We finished off back at the meeting room with my favourite…chocolate cake! I also left with additional goodies as part of my prize for winning the competition. I left on such a high and have been talking about bra fitting to everyone I meet. So what are you waiting for…GO…Go now and see if you are in the right size bra.