Lingerie is not a Luxury 0

There are tons of words used every day to describe breasts. We are constantly faced with beautiful women who have gorgeous bouncy bosoms, on billboards, films, music videos and even just walking down the street.

As a society we are always talking about the favoured part of the female form, but never really talk about the one thing that really matters. How a bra fits and feels when being worn all day. British women in particular also do not seem to think of lingerie as being an essential item of clothing, instead often just a special occasion purchase. As someone who has studied and works in fashion, I am constantly buying new clothes, but I very rarely purchase a bra, thinking of them as being a treat for Valentines, anniversaries or birthdays and therefore, an item of clothing that is for my fiance, rather than for myself.

My bras.

The nude strapless.

The typical once white one

The “pretty” bras brought for the special date night

The padded ones for nights out

The blue one is my sports bra believe it or not..

The newest one is obvious, the straps still straight, the colour not faded, brought for our trip to York as a special purchase and before my Freya liberation…


Which considering a bra is the one item in your wardrobe (apart from jeans) that are kept and worn for years at a time,it shows the lack of importance that British women place on this clothing staple. Which really shouldn’t be the case, I am off to the Freya sample sale this weekend to stock up, not as a treat but due to the realisation that bras are not a treat, a luxury, or a buy for that special date night, but an essential item of clothing to be worn in comfort and with pride in their pretty designs, no ugly once white now grey strap in sight.