I fell in love with Freya when… 1

The ‘Blog Star entrants were invited to write 40 words describing when and where their love affair with Freya began. As a die hard Freya lover, I asked myself this same question – when did my addiction begin?

Quite simply, I fell in love with Freya when I realised the shortcomings of other lingerie available on the high street. I am more than willing to sincerely sing their praises as I’ve found that they have really been a staple in my lingerie collection for as long as I care to remember. As a teen I was fitted in various different high street stores but never correctly and even though I trusted what a ‘professional’ told me (it’s their job, right?!) I never felt right. After deciding to leave chain bra stores forever after struggling with them for so long I came across some pretty Freya bras in a department store (the red Jessica and the oyster Arabella styles to be exact) and was instantly drawn to how darn-right cute they were. Although at first I was put off by the sheer cups (I thought to myself: how will they hold everything in? Will I look odd in them? Change of habit is always hard to break!) I tried them and was amazed by the improvement of fit and comfort simply by changing to a quality bra.

Me wearing the Freya Greta bra set

After getting fitted in Bravissimo a few years later after hearing nothing but good things I was fitted into a Freya bra of ‘correct size’, 28FF, and have never looked back. For me, no one competes with Freya for an exceptional fit, style and quality; their diversity is amazing, they do exceptional plunges, balconette, padded, sheer, sports bras and all fit wonderfully and almost all styles available in my ‘awkward’ size. I know I can depend on a Freya bra to fit me well and suit my shape, as well as make me look and feel my best. There is a Freya bra for every occasion – if you want a great cleavage, shape, pretty patterns and lace, a good basic or if you want to ‘push for the burn’ in the gym… Freya excel where others fail with regards to available sizes, style and quality, and a first love is always the sweetest.

Me wearing the Freya Charlotte Cornflower bra

Much love,

Cheryl x