A big hello and thank you! 0

Welcome to Fitting Talk, the new and exciting blog for Freya.

I am Kerry and I am the Freya blog star (I am blushing even writing that) and will be talking to you on a regular basis along with three other fabulous bloggers, Cheryl, Kerry G and Jo about everything from lingerie, lifestyle to looking good!

Freya feel as I do, that it is important to not only provide information and encourage conversation and debate about all issues ‘breastage’ but to also give you a platform as a reader to comment, feedback and be a part of it all, to the depths of all that is under your clothes! In addition we will just talk girly! (We may however give some hints and tips to men when wanting to buy a nice gift for their better half).

The team behind Freya are very keen to ensure that the blog is for its customers. By that they want it to be written by REAL people for REAL people. I am real, I promise, not some person stuck away in a little box room somewhere although that does sound like bliss, as currently my twins are causing mayhem! I do have my own blog called Multiple Mummy so if you like things family, parent and child related go check it out.

Winning the Freya blog star competition has been awesome and I have just been on such a high since finding out. A big, huge massive thank you to every one that voted for me… you have made my year!

The only drawback of finding out, is that I have had to keep it secret until this brilliant blog launch! You have no idea how much I have wanted to tweet this from the roof tops.

After the initial excitement (by that I mean screaming for joy around the lounge at my bewildered children) I began to wonder what exactly would be expected of me and then the panic set in. Panic because I have a love for all things Freya, but would I have enough to offer? Would in fact Freya love me back? I am not your typical fashionista. Indeed I love all things girly, rave about anything pretty and that sparkles and I am obsessive with lingerie because it is an item of clothing that makes you feel good from the inside out. It also makes the outer clothing look better if it is the right shape and fit. I am however a Stay at home Mummy of three children under three (and a teacher by trade) and like a lot of woman, have come to see underwear as an item of luxury rather than a necessity. However, why can’t underwear be both?

I was invited to the Eveden Factory to meet the team and the other fabulous bloggers and see Freya in all its glory, from initial concept to end product. My mind was totally put at rest and it was an amazing afternoon.

I have also found from personal experience and from what was highlighted by Freya themselves that Freya is not for one type of person, it does as I said in my application evolve with you and as you life changes and so does your body, therefore indeed the needs of your bra. So whether your a teenager and your just getting use to your nice pert cleavage *no envy in my voice at all* or your like me are small backed with a fuller cup (which I actually didn’t know until meeting Freya but shall tell you more about that later!) or you need support and comfort in a feminine form rather than scaffolding because you have an amazingly full chest, Freya is the place to go, there is something for everyone!

I will come back and tell you all I learnt from my day at Freya, but this is me saying hello, and now goodbye until the next post!

Warmest wishes!