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Crank up the volume with a collection of bold new prints from Freya Lingerie. Sample a catalogue of original shapes and hi-quality fabrics, and let exceptional fit amplify your inner indie queen. Be unique. Be original. But most importantly, make some noise.

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You’re the one they all look up to. The free spirit above it all. The amazing shape of things to come. You lead the way without lifting a finger. Showing them how it’s done in the bold shapes and intense colours of the new collection from Freya Swim. Relaxed and revolutionary. Who needs a beach when you’ve got an entire city beneath you?

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Being a winner starts in the locker room. You harness the power inside. Build belief, create focus. Getting psyched up and pumped up. But the most important ritual, the thing you never forget, is Freya Active. Superior hold, advanced design, uncompromising support. Created to let you give it everything you’ve got. If preparation is everything, get ready with the best.

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Freya is dedicated to giving you fashion that fits beautifully and looks gorgeous, including lingerie, swimwear and sportswear.

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